Get It Recorded

California County eRecording Services

eRecording replaces traditional paper-based processes. Its faster, more secure, and will save you money. The eRecording process reduces or eliminates unnecessary labor, postage, courier, and materials costs.

Documents are transported in seconds. Document transport is secure which eliminates lost, damaged, or altered-in-transit risk. pays recording fees and taxes to the county directly. As a result, there is no need for you to draft, sign, and match checks to achieve accurate, secure and timely payment of fees.

Receive and return rejections in minutes rather than days.

*Please Note: Select a California county for your recording. If you do not see your county listed this means that eRecording services are not currently available in that county. County recording offices are subject to closer for holidays, events, maintenance and other reasons. Such closers may result in a delay of document recording.